Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear Picnik

I will miss you.

Blog header collage by Picnik
I'm still mad at you for announcing that you're going to close. It's not fair that you are so easy to use that I've come to rely on you for editing my blog pictures as well as pictures of my kids. 

After Picnik
Before Picnik
I thought we had something together! You help me look like I can take decent pictures and I love that you let me watermark things.

After Picnik
Before Picnik

I've said nothing but good about you and recommended you to my readers and friends. And now this?? You end it just like that? 

Collage and words by Picnik

Sure, say you're moving on to better things and want to focus your insane amounts of talent on your passions. Well, where does that leave me?! Would it really be that big of a deal to stay open?

Edited in Picnik

I wish you had taken a second to think of me and not been so selfish.


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