Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jonathan's Room, Revisited

One good thing about moving frequently is that you get to a place where you just unpack a room's (or person's) belongings in the new place and it looks pretty familiar.

Such is the case with Jonathan's room in this house. Other than trying out a million configurations to make his furniture fit comfortably, this room is virtually the same as his last room.

This room will double as the guest room in this house like it did at the last house, and it's another case of using what we have. I like Jonathan's room, I love the furniture and the bright blue is one of his favorite colors, but if I were to design a room just for him, this wouldn't be it. I'm sure most of us living in reality face situations like that quite often!

The quilt on this antique double bed is from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart. I refinished the bed about 5 years ago and it just so happens to be the most comfortable bed in the house!

I keep the extra sheets and blankets for this bed in the top half of the dresser and Jonathan's clothes in the bottom half. The dresser and vanity are something I refinished--rescued, I like to call it, as they were freebies destined for the dump! I love how they turned out, but they've gotten more dings and scratches than I like to see from our recent moves.

I changed a few things on the top of the dresser. Now his CD player is safe from little brothers! Jonathan loves to listen to Bible stories during his quiet time every day, and sometimes during play time too.

The vanity is virtually empty for now. I used my sewing table in our classroom for my desk things, and just stacked the rest of my scrapbook supplies in the closet. Future organizational project!

I think this desk, as it's being used for a 6-year-old boy, looks funny crammed in the corner, but there was no where else for it to go.

Between the closet (not pictured) and the door to the hall is a small wall where I put this display.

Under it is a small white bookshelf with a few of Jonathan's trinkets mingled with my book collection and some old children's books.

On top is a special parking lot for emergency response vehicles. Jonathan loves these, especially because most have sirens!

Jonathan's room at this house is right beside the classroom and right down the hall from the living room and kitchen. The boys all play in there a lot, as the Lego bin lives under the bed!

On this day, they were just getting started--see only a few Legos scattered around? You should see the amazing cars, planes, helicopters,  houses, prisons, and castles these boys make!

I love to look down the hall and see all three boys playing together, usually quite nicely.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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