Monday, October 7, 2013

Kid-Painted Canvasses {DIY Art}

It's Day 7 of this month's series, DIY Art for Your Home!

Yesterday I showed you how I made a sign with the Picasso quote, "Every child is an artist." Today I have an example of just how true that is!

In our homeschool classroom hang four different canvases painted by our boys when they were quite small. The larger canvas I helped Jonathan make as a gift for Gary. Jonathan had just turned one.

Gary had the canvas in his office  at work--and still would, but he doesn't have a desk job anymore.

The other series was just a little memento of the fun our boys had fingerpainting while they were quite young. Jonathan and Jared made multiple copies that we used as Christmas gifts to grandparents when each boy was 1 1/2 years old. Josiah's, on the right, was something I just had him do when I was organizing the classroom. Life was just too chaotic last Christmas to get the project done! Sorry, grandparents!

I previously had the canvasses in the boys' rooms, but I love how the colors worked in our classroom at this house. The boys love seeing their work displayed all over the room!

Do you display your kid's art?

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