Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gallery Wall I {DIY Art}

 As part of my 31-Day Series, I have to include gallery walls! In the next few days I'll be posting about different styles of gallery walls that I've done. It's also the weekend, so it's time for a re-post! This one was written in July of 2011 when I was finishing up our third son's nursery. It remains one of my most popular posts, despite the lack of photography skills and complete neglect of photo editing. I still love this gallery wall, even if it only exists in pictures on my blog!

It's hard to get projects done around my real job!

I'm sure all you moms out there know what I'm talking about. You wouldn't think it would take several days to get a few things hung on a wall, but it did for me this week. It seemed there was never a chunk of time to get it done!

Guess how much this gallery wall cost? No? Ok, I'll tell you! $1!!
I know, I know, major blogger faux pas--nighttime pictures. Please refer to above paragraph!
I also use a point-and-shoot camera! Another faux pas! 
I really like how this gallery wall came together. And all for $1!
Oh, look! Daylight pictures! Yeah, my flash still went off and the blue looks too blue.
My husband made this star for our first married Christmas tree. Aw... 
I like the natural element and the texture it brings.
This is a Creative Memories item. I'm using it for a calendar to mark all of baby's firsts. 
(I have to admit, I'm not doing so well keeping up on this! Third child syndrome!)
I love the idea of displaying a special outfit as art! So cute!

I chose this tan knit Wendy Bellissimo puppy outfit to bring some warmth to the wall. This outfit was a gift from my dad and his wife for our oldest. I just hung the hanger from a loop of ribbon attached to the back of the picture frame--nothing permanent. I plan to switch it to something else if and when the mood strikes.
This is where I spent the big bucks. A whole dollar! At the one yard sale I've been to all summer.

First I gave the frame a couple coats of spray paint (it was brown), then I threaded twine thru the staples sticking out of the back of the frame. You know, the ones that should be holding the glass, the photo or art, and the back of the frame together? The ones that kill your fingers when you decide to pry them off to switch out the picture? Yeah, those!
I've had this little star mirror for longer than I've had kids. It's painted metal of some kind--tin? My Mom bought it at our favorite coffee shop near her old house. Where she still lived when she bought it. Where we all used to live, like, when we were still kids. 
This lovely piece of fencing will soon display baby's name. At this point in the game, all I wanted to do was get. everything. on. the. wall. Now.
This piece is a couple inches deep and opens up. There are little hooks inside for keys. Before it found a home in the nursery, it was in storage for a few years. Before that, I used it in my condo during my single days. Before that, my BFF/SIL used it in her apartment. Before that it was for sale somewhere. Ross? Before that it was probably made is some factory with special attention to making it look old and shabby... Even though it was brand new. Hmm.

So there you have my nursery gallery wall for $1!

And I can get a good night's sleep knowing I got a project done today!

I love my real job.

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