Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gallery Wall V {DIY Art}

While some may prefer gallery walls with little structure and lots of room for growth, others prefer a more planned-and-organized approach.

Such is the case in my in-law's living room. When my mother-in-law, Helen, asked me to create a gallery wall for her to hang portraits of her grandchildren, we sat down with my computer and looked at Pinterest. I'm glad I took that step with her, because I learned immediately that she preferred the measured, evenly spaced gallery walls over the more organic ones.

This took some planning! I laid everything out on the floor and arranged and rearranged for quite some time! Then of course, in the next few days of painting frames to match and finding a couple more frames at the store, the layout changed before I got it on the wall. 

We had the freedom in this space to have the display be as big as it needed to be. We were working with that heating/cooling vent, however, and aiming to ground the middle of the room with our collected art display. I think everyone was pretty pleased how it all turned out!

We liked it even more after we rearranged the furniture. The gallery wall really frames the couch! The only picture I had of the new arrangement was with my cell phone.

If you're considering hanging a collection of art, especially if putting them together would create a bigger impact on your walls or work to center your room or play off a large piece of furniture, I highly recommend spending a few minutes online to see what style you like. Take the time to plan a more structured look, or start with a large piece and work out. Don't forget to have fun! Holes in the wall can be fixed!

This is day 16 of my 31-Day series of DIY Art for your home! We're at the end of the gallery wall section, but there's still half of the series left! 

See you tomorrow!

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