Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Malcolm Update {Day 27}

Little Malcolm, my nephew, was a month old on the 25th! This week had some ups and downs, but from my perspective the overall progress is in the right direction. I am far away from this little guy, as he's in LA and I'm in Nebraska. I've never seen or held him and get my information through texts with his mommy and daddy (my brother). You can read more about Malcolm here, here, here and here.

If you're a careful observer, you'll see that Malcolm isn't using oxygen in these pictures! Of course they were all taken in one afternoon and he went back on oxygen later, but to me that's a huge deal! Just a few weeks ago, Malcolm was entirely supported by oxygen!

You can also see that he's drinking milk from a bottle instead of getting milk through a tube into his stomach. This is a sign of progress too! Isn't it super cute how his big brother is helping so carefully! Malcolm gained something like a whole pound this week, but I'm sure if his mom or dad read this they will correct me on several points. :)

So about the rest of the story... Earlier this week Malcolm took a couple steps back in his recovery. We think he was overly tired and stressed, but at one point he stopped breathing! This resulted in a whole list of tests being run to see what was caused it. Meanwhile his mommy caught a cold and while she's mostly over it, big brother and daddy now have it, and when you're sick you can't visit the NICCU...

Anyway, after all the tests, they found there was an infection in one of his heart valves which will require a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Which has to be given in his IV. At the hospital. For up to six weeks!

So there you go, an update in laymen's terms, as accurately related as I can. To summarize, Malcolm is doing better but this marathon isn't over yet. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. He truly is a prayed-for baby!

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