Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crib Spring Display {Day 19}

First things first, sorry for the bad cell phone pictures and less than adequate lighting. :)

Second, who's loves fall? Me! It's so beautiful in Nebraska right now. Bright blue skies, warm days, chilly nights, bright leaves, grass still green... Love it!

We have this little display over our kitchen table. It was cute six weeks ago for Gary's birthday, but instead of taking his cards down to add mine, I just threw mine up there too, plus some butterflies and fish crafts with clothespins. It was starting to be messy and we're so over the birthdays, and I wanted something for fall.

So I took everything except the wreath off.

Then I added a little homemade burlap banner, little tags that read "Give Thanks" and a few pictures of people we're most thankful for. Please don't overanalyze the pictures, I only had a few printed ones on hand (thanks Mom!) and there are lots of important people missing!

Once November comes, I'd like to add leaf-shaped cut-outs with other things we're thankful for. You know, like our health, our home, toys, food, car, clothes... We are blessed and do have much to give thanks for!

Once more, before:


Do you decorate for fall?

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