Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life Lately-July {Day 2)

Thank you so much for your concern and kind comments about my nephew, Malcolm. I believe they are working, so keep them coming!

I'm waaaay behind on blogging. So you're getting up-to-date on our family happenings in October, only it's about what we did in July. Oh well!

Here's what we were up to, for the record. I'm afraid this one has some tough news too, if you didn't already know. Sigh. This life is hard.

July 2-Our 8th Anniversary! We celebrated by actually springing for a babysitter, going out for Indian food and hanging out at a coffee shop, just enjoying being able to chat uninterrupted. I sure love this guy!

July 5-Sabbath School in the Woods. This moment was good. Very good. One of those that helps makes up for the I'm-a-failure mommy moments. We ended up getting chigger bites, but the five minutes of reading about God's creation while sitting in the middle of it in Grandma and Grandpa's woods in Missouri was really awesome!

July 5-Happy 4th of July!

Now for some background. We've gone to Gibson's for the Fourth of July six times out of the eight years of our marriage. It's tradition! This year was no exception but we couldn't come until the actual 4th so we celebrated after dark on the 5th.

Besides, Gary's dad had just been discharged after nearly a week's stay at the hospital. He went in because he fainted and didn't like some other symptoms he was having. He ended up getting a pace maker to treat his heart as well as getting diagnosed with cancer of the liver because of those other "symptoms" they decided to check out while he was at the hospital. We were all smiling a little bit forced, with conversations a little more sober than we had been looking forward to. Life is not fair!

I'll update you on Jon's status soon. When you pray for baby Malcolm, pray for Jon too!

July 9-Working on a custom order. Love the colors she chose! Sign-making always calls for movie watching too! You can see more signs on my Etsy store.

July 10-Of course the ditch is more exciting than the playground equipment! I was watching three extra kids this day and they had so much fun exploring the ditch! Reminds me of what it was liking hanging out with my cousins when we were little.

July 13-Fun with bubbles! 4 cups warm water, 1/2 c dish soap, 1/2 c sugar. We're using cups with straws because we couldn't find any bubble wands.

July 14-Getting their wiggles out! On rainy days I'm known to take the kids to McDonald's for a $1 cone and an hour of playing really hard!

July 20-This is the first time Jared and Josiah have participated in VBS. They enjoyed it, I'd say! I think their favorite part was snack time when they got to run around outside in the hottest weather of the summer.

July 20-Learning about God's love at VBS. Jonathan was in a different group than his brothers. Sometimes that helps all of them act better. Jonathan loved it and was sorry to see it end!

July 23-Remember our little landscape garden? Not too shabby first harvest! We've continued to enjoy tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, jalepenos and many many cucumbers. It's a great way to garden with minimal upkeep!

July 27-Pre race. Gary participate in his first ever organized sporting event! It was a half-triathlon right by our house. It was a great experience that he talks of very fondly.

July 27-Swimming at the triathlon.

July 27-Biking at the triathlon. By then my phone was dead, so here's a shot of him running, just so I don't leave you hanging. I'm so proud of Gary for doing this!

I have a couple more images I didn't also share on my personal Facebook page so I'm having a hard time downloading them from Instagram and I find it really hard to bother doing all of that from my phone. Oh well! If you want to follow me on Instagram, I'm gibsongirl726.

Are you participating in the 31-day challenge? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to stop by and check out your series!

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