Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Follow Me!

Alternate Titles:

How to Lose Entire Hours of Your Day

Everybody Else is Doing It

Google Images on Steroids

Oh, YAY, Another Website to Figure Out!

Endless Hours of Inspiration

The World at Your Fingertips

So, that was fun! I'm not savvy enough to really explain what Pinterest is all about or, really, how it works. I do know that I've had tons of fun typing in key words and seeing what pops up! 

I've learned that images are kind of random. You know? You can search "master bedroom curtains" and get 53,277 pictures. Literally. I just did it. Knock off the master bedroom and just do "curtains" and you'll get 12,592. Hmm, totally expected that number to go up! But just for fun, type in "pretty" and you'll have 146,495 pretty things to look at. They might not be master bedroom curtains, but that search was boring anyway, right? And you had nothing better to do today! See, endless hours of inspiration!

Anyway, Sherry at Young House Love gives a much better how-to HERE, as does Beth of Home Stories A to Z HERE. So you can blame them for the time suck thank them for the (P)inspiration. Ha ha ha! 

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  1. I am in the dark about Pinterest. I've only seen it mentioned enough for it to give me anxiety and the desire NOT to check it out. ANOTHER new thing? I'm getting exhausted just trying to figure out blogese. I already ignored Tweeting...



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