Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Boys' Room--HELP!

Our vacation is over. As you read this, the boys and I are headed home. I'm very anxious to be with my husband again--especially because my birthday is on Wednesday! It's the 8th anniversary of my 28th birthday. Wink! I'm also excited to see our newly finished floors and start in on painting the boys' old room for us (see my inspiration post from yesterday) and our old room for them. 

Speaking of which... I just can't figure out how to paint it!!!

Here's a look at their beds. We'll probably put one in each corner and make a play area under the loft bed. 

The room is currently painted tan with a chocolate brown accent wall. I have more tan paint, kelly green and a beautiful blue gray. How would you paint it?

This room makes me want to leave the existing tan paint and just draw a map on the wall, then use red for an accent color. There's already a lot of that going on in their room, so it would go quite well. A search on Etsy revealed large vinyl maps such as this one that seem reasonable for the size.

This room gives me hope that I can pull off the maps idea, which my husband loves too. I like it  for little boys because it's graphic and colorful, yet can grow with them.

Southern Living
I love this room so much that I bought kelly green paint! I love how it looks with the brown walls and bright blue map! There's one wall in their future bedroom that is already chocolate brown. Should I leave it? I'm seriously doing this roman shade too--super easy to make with a drop cloth and that green paint. But what do I do with the other walls that are currently tan? I want the room to be cozy and restful, but also appropriately fun for little boys. Their beds are unpainted 2x4s with jean block quilts. One dresser is red and the other is yellow. Those colors would all be fun with brown, right?

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

More kelly green for you. I love it!

Of course with my house torn up, I'd like to do this makeover as quickly as possible. And I'm cheap so I don't want to buy more paint. What should I do?! 

What would you do?

Day 4


  1. Love the idea of the map mural! It's graphic, fun, and can be ever evolving. You can add little red flags for each place the boys have been. Can't wait to see your plans unfold.

  2. I'm so behind on reading your blog! I LOVE the new floor finish. I would trade in a second for our Brazilian Cherry. Yours look so much more family-friendly-but-still-beautiful.

    We have LOTS of maps in our house. It's not so nicely planned and decorated as yours, but they make great decor and are always all ages.

    It's just a personal opinion, but I think I'd keep it simpler and make the walls all one color to let the other features you're planning, like the maps and the shade, stand out. Can't wait to see.

  3. Hey, Ellie!! Thanks so much for stopping by! You should totally make some paper chains for in here with your boys...just get patterned paper in all your colors, like blue, red and green:)

    Hmmm...tough call on the paint. I'm with the previous commenter in that I definitely think you should get rid of the chocolate accent wall. And I looove maps, so you should totally do that. Not sure though on if the walls should be tan, green or blue-grey..I can see advantages for each one:)

  4. I love the first photo of the tan wall and red accents. Simple and beautiful.
    Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment for me. I enjoyed browsing through your blog.

  5. Hello!! I loved the second picture so much I want to do it in my room. How did you did it? Or do you have some recomendations on how can i do it?

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