Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration Files: Master Bedroom

Our decision to switch rooms with our boys was made in a few minutes. I've spent a few hours looking for inspiration and it'll be a few weeks before it's all said and done. 

[In case you missed it, we're switching because their old room is cooler and brighter and closer to the bathroom. Our old room is bigger, as is the closet. We plan to move the baby in with the older two in a couple of years, plus we'd like to get up and take a shower without waking the boys who were right next door.]

Here are a few bedrooms that I love, with notes why below the pictures.
The barn door behind the bed is just delicious. I love the colors in the wood and how they're brought out by other colors in the room. I like the window treatments and the color on the wall too, though we would feel more comfortable with a paint color that's more beige and less gray. This room is bigger than our room, with awesome baseboards and window casements and a vaulted ceiling that we don't have, but I think the barn door/wrought iron headboard could really make us feel at home.

Maillardville Manor
 This bedroom looks like it's straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, but it belongs to a very real couple, Ashli and Lee, who added the paneled wall themselves. I could do that! I like the iron bed frame, love the lamps but we're not upgrading now, and think the night stands are fun. The window wall is a cozy color that I know would work for our space, and the window treatments are perfect.

The Yellow Cape Cod
Seriously, can I move in?! Sarah posted today how she added the paneling--including door frames and baseboards--for around $100. Nice! Besides that, I love the color on the walls. Something that dark is warm and cozy when it's just a portion of the wall. I love the texture and color in the window treatments too. 

Better Homes and Gardens
Doesn't this room look like a fantastic retreat? I love the pretty blue wall and coverlet (where can I get one?!) the grid of pictures making such a statement behind the bed, and the lovely texture on the top half of that wall! Still, with normal ceilings like we have, it would be a pretty room.

Numbered Street Designs
Are you sensing a theme? Again, the blue walls and coverlet are so pretty and restful. The bed is a focal point in part because of the paneled wall behind it. I also like that there are just roman shades on the windows and not curtains. That might be a good thing to remember for our very small room. I like ones with stripes like this:

Effortless Style
I would make one, of course, from drop cloths or something, perhaps with that vertical stripe. I'd convert regular blinds into roman shades like this:


But these curtains are fun too--they'd also be easy to make.

And if this color is on the walls, 

wouldn't it be fun to have that relaxing blue on the ceiling?!

Here's a summary of the inspiration from the pictures above:

--tan/beige walls with a light blue ceiling
--paneling AND/OR faux barn door behind the headboard
--roman shades, maybe curtains too
--blue/white/tan/chocolate bedding

What do you think? Anyone want to come help me?

Day 3

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