Sunday, October 30, 2011


You might just live in farm country if ...

... this is the kind of convoy that rumbles by your house

... if the saying 'eat my dust' isn't a joke

... if this is what you see on the way to the park

... if you pass more of these than you do cars

... if these guys dot the landscape

... if this is what's out your kitchen window

... if brown and blue are the colors of fall

... if you regularly hear one of these guys

... if you can take these pictures from your front step

... if you know the driver's name is Dale and he lives just down the road

... if this is the view out your other kitchen window

... if your little boys are plastered to said window because of said view

... if you can see the dust trail before you see the combine (or car!)

... if this is what sunset looks like around your place...

You might just live in farm country!

Day 30


  1. Wow! Do you ever miss the Napa Valley views? I sure do! I live in wheat country as well, although as you know, it's different than your wheat country. I miss the forest and the evergreens and the ocean close enough to get to it and back on a long afternoon.

  2. Oh- Ellie- I grew up in farm country in PA...but we saw hillsides full of black and white cows-and corn rows marching up and down the hillsides. It is a great life for kids-one that they will bless you for later in life.
    Sunday blessings- xo Diana



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