Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration Files: A Yellow Kitchen

About a year ago, I saw a close up of this yellow open cabinet with the trim, corbels and plate rack and knew I wanted one for my own kitchen.

It was an ad in a magazine I borrowed from the tiny library in our tiny town and {shhhh!} I tore it out and kept it! I know, that's bad!!!

I stumbled onto the rest of the kitchen when browsing kitchen images this weekend. Yes, that's what I do for fun. Don't you?

I love the feel of this kitchen, even though I hate don't care for yellow and would never in a million years want a yellow kitchen. But it's warm, inviting, open but not too open. 

Isn't that the funny thing about inspiration? 

You just never know where you'll find it.

Even in a yellow kitchen!

*All images from Crown Point Cabinetry. I found this kitchen on Page 8 of the Gallery, number 57.

Day 31


  1. Crown Point cabinetry is just so beautiful! I love all their details and finishes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I MIGHT be able to stand another yellow kitchen if it looked that beautiful! We had one once, but the cabinets had slab doors covered in BRIGHT yellow for countertops. Awful.

    Of course, almost anything from Crown Point is gorgeous, and worthy of serving as inspiration.

    (BTW, I really wanted to put a plate rack above the sink in your drawings, but couldn't find one in the software)



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