Sunday, October 26, 2014

Whatever Makes Your Skirt Fly Up {Day 26}


There was a time in elementary school when I was asked or told or something by my mom that I had to wear a skirt once a week. So I did. At least until I got there. Most times I had a pair of jeans in my backpack and would change in the bathroom before school started. And change back before I went home. Sorry mom!

I pretty much skipped wearing skirts in high school. There was the occasional dress for church or a banquet (my private school didn't do proms), but it was the early 90s and the pantsuit was all the rage anyway. In college I either wore super short skirts to church (clearly my focus was off) or a few long ones when I did my student teaching. As an adult and a Kindergarten teacher, I would sometimes wear a skirt but they were always a chore--shaving, wearing a slip, finding shoes that worked, sitting at circle time with the students...

As a mom? Never. Not even to church. It was too hard to sit modestly with a baby or toddler or both. But with the popularity of the maxi skirt in the last few years, I started thinking how cute wearing a skirt could be. They were like dress-up yoga pants!

I finally bought one last summer and wore it to church a couple times. But I had a maxi DRESS and it was hard to style. I bought a maxi skirt this summer and wore that thing about three times a week! I soon bought another in a different color and practically lived in those two skirts this summer. And last summer's maxi dress? I cut off the top and had plenty of options with pretty blouses and scarves.

I'm not a fashion blogger and don't even have a full-length mirror right now, so you don't get any pictures of me. I'll work on that. But I've included a few other pictures (and original sources) for other real-life women and how they've made maxi skirts work for fall.

Lauren {Modern Modesty}
Lauren is a new mom and a teacher who also runs her blog all about modesty. She's great at putting outfits together and makes it a point to never wear the same exact outfit twice in a school year!

Jen's Friend {iCandy Homemade}
Jen made this skirt for her friend--I wanna be Jen's friend! She includes a brief how-to on her blog. Love the intersecting stripes and the bright cardigan!

MK {Outfit Posts}
This post is about a European vacation and how to pack for it. After practically living in a knit maxi skirt this summer, there's no other outfit I would prefer to travel in!

Jo-Lynne {jolynneshane}
I like how Jo-Lynne uses basic pieces and makes it fun with a skirt that has both a bright color and bold pattern.

Kimbo {A Girl and a Glue Gun}
 Kimbo made this skirt back in 2011, I think, but her tutorial is still there and the outfit is still current.

Medge {My Vougish Diaries}
 Medge is so beautiful, and I love the colors she mixed here. Message--mix and match and make it you!

Danielle {A Little Bit of WoWe}
Danielle is another teacher blogger who mixes and matches. I like how her scarf (and shoes) totally change her outfit. Danielle has lots of wardrobe building tips on her blog.

Rach {Family Ever After}
Rach loved this fabric so she made a skirt from it! I like her mix of colors and how her layers make it so appropriate for fall. Rach is about 7 weeks postpartum here and maintains comfy skirts are the best way to go while getting back into shape.

{Elle Apparel}
This link takes you to Elle Apparel, which goes to show maxi skirts aren't just for mommies and teachers! I like the colored t-shirt and structured blazer. I think that really dresses up a look that could be quite casual.

Lindsay {The Pleated Poppy}
Lindsay is known for her What I Wore Wednesday posts, and this outfit is from several years ago. Her charcoal skirt could go with almost anything! I like the simple stripes and a bright cardigan.

So what about you? Do you wear skirts? Are you a fan of the maxi style skirts?

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