Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ellie's Closet {Day 30}

Do you ever wish you had the perfect wardrobe? Everything coordinates, everything matches, everything looks amazing on you, and you don't have too much stuff.

Mine isn't like that. I have my share of complaints in that department, but you know the wonderful part of this virtual world?

You can change it!

So today I'm introducing you to Ellie's Closet. I'm not Ellie, by the way, nor is she me. She doesn't truly exist, remember? My name is Elizabeth and I was always called Lizz. Or Lizzard or E-Lizzard-Breath, or E-Lizzard-Buggers. Such a beautiful name.

I made up Ellie when I started this blog four years ago. I was shy and felt an alias would help me find my voice. I don't know how much of that is true, but for the purpose of this series, because I'm going to make it an on-going thing, Ellie is not me. Savvy?

Anyway, I spent way too much time this week developing Ellie's wardrobe on Polyvore. I thought I published the collection but then I couldn't find it anywhere and basically had to start over. The second incarnation isn't as perfect, but Ellie is working on that. You know, your own closet doesn't have the perfect everything!

I've purposely left Ellie's bio pretty vague. She could be a stay-at-home mom, but she really dresses nicely if that's the case! She might be a teacher. Or a secretary. Or a stay-at-home business owner. Or a work-at-home mom with client meetings on various days. She definitely goes to church most weekends and leaves her yoga pants and sweatshirts out of the wardrobe series!

The purpose of Ellie's Closet is to inspire. It's a mix-and-match approach with everything following a set color scheme. I can see Ellie getting tired a red by springtime and maybe changing it for a few pink things. Or feeling like her turquoise things need a break for the winter, you know, small tweaks. Ellie will once in awhile buy a new piece or two, but she'll play by the rules of having to get rid of something when she does that.

I'll be trying to do a What Did Ellie Wear weekly series starting in November, but for now, here's a glimpse of Ellie's basic wardrobe.


  1. Cute! Those colors are perfect for fall!

    1. Thanks Katie! Of course they're my favorite colors lately too!



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