Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Apple Orchard {Day 7}

You guys! It feels so good to be blogging again! Now if I could just stick to a walking routine I will have conquered mountains!

Thank you for your continued prayers for my nephew Malcolm. I will continue to update you, probably in another week or so. Thanks also for the birthday wishes, that made me feel so special!

For my birthday this year, I lucked out because it was a Sunday. I feel that's the only day grown-ups really get a break from the routine and demands of being a contributing member of society, or at least your own family. I did no dishes, no chores, had no appointments or demands and had a great day with the four men in my life; my husband and our boys!

We started out by going to brunch. My husband spent a little time on google trying to find a new place to try, and boy did he pick a winner! We loved this Engine House Cafe in historic Havelock, NE. The atmosphere was fun, it was super crowded but people were so nice, the coffee was great, service was fast, and the food was so so good! Besides, the boys were thrilled with the idea of eating in an old firehouse, and they got souvenir fire hats!

Next we headed to Martin's Hillside Orchard and enjoyed the perfect weather, tart and sweet apples, bright orange pumpkins, a corn maze, a butterfly garden, corn kernel (sand)box, and a tire hill the boys loved to climb.

Now can somebody tell me how we spent most of our time picking apples and walking up and down the rows in the apple orchard, and I have NO pictures of the bright green, yellow and red apples and our wheelbarrow full of them? Good question!

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