Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nursery Tour-2006 {Day 4}

I figured since I showed you a little bit of our oldest son's nursery yesterday, and I was searching picture files for that one shot with his name, I might as well copy the rest of the pictures I had of his room and share that with you too.

Please remember, this was 2006. I was using a point-and-shoot and it looks like it was night for some of the pictures. I've also chosen not to edit the pictures, so brace yourself!

We lived in a little raised ranch house in Iowa. This is before the house in the country. Before we knew we were going to have Jonathan, his room was first a guest room, then Gary's office. About as soon as we heard his heart beat, I started clearing out the room that would be his.

We ripped out the carpet and Gary refinished the floors. Gary installed a bench under the window, and I used a hand sander for the first time before painting the built-in bench.

We left the bottom of the bench open for storage. It was great until Jonathan was crawling around and would get into stuff! Still it wasn't that bad. I wish the bench had been a bit deeper--I intended to be able to sit and read while I nursed him, but it just wasn't quite wide enough. I remember being so uncomfortable while trying to feed him in the middle of the night, recovering from a c-section and exhausted. How I wished that bench was wide enough to lie down!

I made the lumpy bench cushion from pillows stuffed into a long tube of material I sewed. It worked ok, but that bench was never as comfortable as I had envisioned.

I got the curtains from Target from gift cards I got at my shower. The other Classic Pooh stuff came as hand-me-downs from two different friends. The crib had been my nephew's but had been given to my in-laws to use at their house when my nephew no longer needed it. They were happy to give it to us--it wasn't even set up at their house, so that worked great!

I used the space under the crib for more storage. We kept his bathtub in there, and a bouncer or something like that, when we weren't using it. I eventually made a crib skirt which hid the things underneath and that made me happy!

Of course I hung his name above the art work. Still like how that looks!

 I so so badly wanted a changing table. Because of the built-in bench we didn't have many options on where to put things in his room, so I measured and marked where an inexpensive (craigslist) changing table would go and it was just too crowded! We opted to spend the money on this toy bin organizer, and let me tell you, we still use this thing! It worked great for seeing shirts and onesies and for keeping diapers and everything handy. We changed Jonathan in the crib with the mattress on the highest setting.

I bought the little shelf at Michael's and finished it with the name letters. I still use it too. I also did a great job marking his calendar with little bitty milestones! I found that blank Classic Pooh calendar at a thrift store and loved it!!!

 I left the door of the tiny closet open for this picture so I could show Jonathan's neatly folded and organized clothes. We had so many clothes! Gary's brother has two sons just a little older than Jonathan and they were happy to give us all of their hand-me-downs. We also got a lot of stuff from our parents and church members, and a couple good sales at Old Navy and The Gap, like this Inspi(red) shirt that matched his Daddy's. Cuteness!

The ABC pocket chart was mine when I was a girl. My Grandma made it! Most of the books belonged to Gary. The POOH thing with the annoying flash glare is a picture frame, with cute pictures of me and Gary as babies. The shelf itself was built by my Dad and was in my room when I was little. It's been in each of the boys' nurseries.

Thanks for indulging me on walk down memory lane! This squishy little sweetheart is now 7 and looks like this:

 Yup! Still cute!


  1. He is still cute, Ellie. I love that picture of you and him. You look just beautiful there!!! Great trip down memory lane. They sure grow up fast, don't they? xo Diana



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