Sunday, May 6, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Character

Alternate title: The one with so many pictures!

This barn-spotting happened on the same day as last week's cow barn and is just a couple miles down the road from those happy cows. 

You can tell by the pictures that this was another drive-by. It also doesn't have a home on the property and I felt comfortable taking more pictures. :) 

The field in the foreground was freshly planted! If you saw this field today, it would have tiny green shoots coming out of the ground.

I love red barns the best. Don't you? This one hasn't been painted in years and has lots of chipped paint. Probably not the best for preservation purposes, but I sure like how it looks!

The front of the barn faces west, where 99% of the weather's abuse comes from. Rain, hail, snow, sleet, wind, season after season, year after year. 

I wanted to state for the record that these pictures are not edited, save for my watermark. It shows the real contrast between the weathered wood and the bright barn-red paint.

 Zooming out, you can see a few other buildings on the property. I particularly liked the small shed in the back that looks like a miniature barn. 

Notice all of the small windows on the barn? Love them!

Several are broken or missing--that happened to our barn too, just due to the weather.

Don't you just love the variation in the wood? How the knots held onto the paint while the rest of it chipped off?

I wonder if these three windows are staggered because of different levels inside?

We're almost finished with our drive-by. I would have loved to get out of the car and walk around this place!

Here are some of the other sheds and buildings on the property. 

Must have water from the well!

The last look is of the corn crib on the property. Looks as though it used to be red too!

I hope you enjoyed our barn-spotting drive-by today!

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