Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration Files: A Kitchen Makeover

Have you noticed that a good 75% of my "Inspiration Files" posts are about kitchens? What? You think it's more like 90%? Oh. Well, it may be. I just can't help it! I love a good kitchen makeover, probably because mine needs one so badly!

I saw this one over at Dear Lillie. If you already read that blog, you know what a great photographer Jennifer is. I think she's also great at styling things, because this kitchen looks like it came straight from a magazine! I love the style and colors used, and fun things like the pot rack-slash-light fixture over the island! 

As I scrolled through the pictures I assumed this was a high-end kitchen remodel which cost a pretty penny. But you know what? It wasn't! The homeowners painted everything themselves and did all of the work except the slate floors and marble counters. And as amazing as it sounds, start to finish this makeover only took 11 days! I'm so impressed!

So why are you still here reading my rambles when you can head over to Dear Lillie and check it out for yourself! While you're there take a peek at the fun creations available, not to mention those adorable little girls!

Dear Lillie

Be inspired! 

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