Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magazine Organization

Are you a stacker? I am. Totally. Right now I have a stack of frames waiting for another stack of pictures to be added to them so they can all be added to the gallery wall in the hall. There's a stack of thank you cards (from my boys) waiting to be written (by me), and a stack of stuff at the top of the basement stairs waiting for me to take it down...

My craft closet has gotten the brunt of my stacking in the last couple of months. It's an easy target because it's behind fun striped doors, there are always projects going on and then I want to clean up before the weekend or before guests come over... So it was bad. 

But I straightened it up this week! And it makes me happy! 

Did you notice the tiny stack of magazines in the above picture? It was only a start. In cleaning up the rest of the house (stack-busting!) I stacked the rest of the magazines I wanted to save in the craft closet. I was too cheap to buy boxes to store them in, but I found 4 when I went through the basement storage room!

But they were BORING!!!

But that's nothing a little scrapbook paper and packing tape couldn't fix!

I added labels and filled 'em up!

Now they reside at the top of my craft closet. It's a little high for easy reaching, but they're much more organized than they were, that's for sure.

I cleaned out the rest of the stacks and my craft closet is ready for use once again.

 One less stack in my house! Now to get those frames filled...


  1. They looks just beautiful.


  2. Yep- I am a stacker- I have several of these magazine organizers, too, but really love using binders for them, too. Great job- they are much prettier than my own are! xo Diana



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