Thursday, May 31, 2012


When we bought our house almost four years ago, we had every intention that it would be our forever home. Our dream was to raise our kids (we only had one then!) in the country where they could run free and learn about nature and how to work hard and play harder. We didn't see the dingy, filthy, neglected house with no insulation and broken windows, but the cozy home we knew we could make it.

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At the same time, my husband and I are both subject to bouts of wanderlust. What if we lived here? What if we went there? I wonder what it would be like if... We are both known to randomly pick a town or state and start checking real estate and career opportunities! Just for fun.

My husband specifically, has had one dream since he was in college and I like to think of myself as his muse. Fulfilling that dream requires selling our home, quitting his job--our only income source, moving across the country (perhaps several times), leaving the known, the comfortable, the dependable, predictable reality we've made for ourselves... The reality is intimidating! This plan isn't the 'responsible' thing to do, that's for sure!

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But we've talked about this on and off for a year or two, done plenty of thinking and praying about it and are convinced that this is God's plan for us right now.

We put our house on the market this month and my husband enrolled in classes that start in August. We are really excited about the possibilities and so curious as to where we'll be a year from now!

You know, between sessions of freaking out.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin this new phase of our journey!


  1. How exciting, Ellie. I`m sure everything will turn out well for you. Wish you so much luck with your plans.

    Hugs from here

  2. I am blown away! How fun and adventurous. (Guess we won't be redesigning that kitchen any more) I love leaving the future up to God, and need to remember it more every day, not just in the 'big adventure' times.

    What classes is he taking, and is that somewhere far from where you are now?

  3. For this reason exactly I refrain from calling a house a "forever" house. I like to leave things open for God to tell the story he wants with my life, not the story I want. Sometimes it can be really hard to do.

    Good luck to you as you take this giant leap of faith. May God bless you, and may the story He tells through your life be grand.



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