Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nursery Tour

My baby is 13 months old, so it's been awhile since I redid his room, but this week I took his things out of big brother's room and back into the nursery.

See, a few months ago I found crib bedding on craigslist for an amazing price that matched my older son's room, so we jumped the gun and combined rooms. It was super-cute and I know I'll love it again when the time is right, but now is not that time! The boys would play and keep each other awake at night and they'd be awake again before 6 AM! I already had the baby sleeping in his pack 'n play (love that thing!!!) at nap time, so we decided to take the double bed out of his former room and claim that space for him again. It's only been a few days, but the boys are sleeping several hours longer each night and bed time is so much easier!

Here is how it looks from the doorway.

I love the warm brown! It's like a milk chocolate candy bar! The bookcase was in my room when I was little and the rocking chair was given to us by church friends. I'm currently looking for a cozy chair for the two of us to snuggle on.

One of my favorite things about this room is the window treatments.

I got the little Winnie the Pooh curtains at Target when my older son was born, but when we moved here I wanted something more substantial over the window. I asked my husband to screw small scraps of wood right into the studs above the window--one on each end and one in the middle. Then he screwed a long, thin piece of plywood into the scrap wood to make a shelf.

I took some dark brown corduroy fabric my MIL gave me and cut a length a little longer than the window was wide. I cut along the finished side, so I didn't even have to hem it! Then I took some old upholstery tacks and had an instant valance! I hung a regular curtain rod under the valance contraption--it doesn't match anything else, but no one sees it! The valance also hides the blinds. Right now I'm still using the cheap-o paper kind cuz they're SO effective at blocking out the light.

Here's another no-sew project:

This throw is just another scrap of fabric with ties on the unfinished sides.

This pillow is also no-sew!

I wrapped an old pillow in the new fabric, used fabric glue on the seam a tied up the other ends.

Here's the little guy's crib. It's a hand-me-down from a dear friend. It still has her son's teeth marks on it and he's 10 now! She also gave me some adorable Winnie the Pooh bedding which I like as a set, but with the mattress on the lowest setting and having a little guy that likes to climb on the bumper, I figured it's better to have a plain sheet! Oh, and a no-sew skirt!

This one I used sticky-backed velcro to attach the same free fabric to the crib. :)

I love how I hung Baby's name letters!

I got a stick from the backyard and used garden twine to hang the letters.

It's so much cuter when you can see the name, but in my commitment to privacy, you'll just have to use your imagination!

Moving on around the room... J2's closet got a mini-makeover too. My boys have SO many clothes and I buy virtually none of them. They are blessed to have cousins just older than them. Gotta love hand-me-downs!

Baby's changing station is on top of a dresser than I refinished during the loooong cooooold winter I was expecting him.

I got it from craigslist for $20 and spent hours sanding it. The staining didn't take very long and it matches all the other wood things in the room, but I'm not completely thrilled with how it turned out. Mostly my fault, cuz I dropped a drawer and the corner broke, so I thought I sand it down to make it round... and 2 drawers later decided to STOP cuz I hated it! I thought both drawers could go on top, but they didn't fit there, so to me it's ruined and mismatched! I've thought of building up the corners with wood filler, but ... Sigh.

Anyhow, I stained the unfinished peg/shelf from Michael's when I was expecting my older son. I love this Pooh picture frame with pictures of me and my husband as babies. Fun!

One more fun decoration is the series of Winnie the Pooh framed art series. Again, free to me! It was a gift from a friend at my older son's baby shower. I used thumb tacks to secure the ribbon. I'd still like to hang them from decorative knobs...

A new thing I did--inspired by blogworld--was apply some ORB spraypaint. Our house is old and needs some lovin' (PLEASE don't look at the flooring!! It's on our long list of projects!). The heater vents got a nice new look!

So did this picture frame.

Well, I think that's about it! We (and by WE, I mean Mr. G) put in a new light fixture and new switch plates--oh, the windows are new too! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

*Edited: I linked this to Angie's Window Party over at The Country Chic Cottage. Also linked to Feather Your Nest Thursday at Secret Garden Cottage.

The Country Chic Cottage

~ Ellie


  1. Adorable room! I love the stick with the letters. And your window treatments are GENIUS!

  2. Love that valance, love your colors. Definitely gonna be making that valance soon, just what I was looking for!

  3. Love how you did that valance! Thanks for linking!

  4. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks so much for joining my first ever link party!
    Your son is adorable!! You've done a wonderful job feathering his nursery nest!! Looks great! :)
    ~ Jo

  5. Love that branch! I love natural decor in decorating. I am currently working in my boys room and they too have a branch in the works.

    By the way I love your name! I have a cousin named Ellie and it's just such a gorgeous elegant name I think.


  6. Ha! love the chocolate color--it would make me want to eat more chocolate than I do!



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