Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Sunrise

Sunrise around here lately has been gorgeous with a capital WOW. I documented another one last Wednesday.

This is the view out the east window in our kitchen. Living in the country has it's troubles but being able to see every sunset and sunrise is not one of them! 

Technically, neither of these structures is a barn. (I won't tell if you don't tell.) The taller one is a corn crib while the shorter one is some kind of shed. It's weathered, rough and gray with a tin roof. It's much shorter than a real barn. There used to be a house on this property but it is long since gone. The farmer who owns this land drives by to check on things between 4 and 5 every evening. 

I hope you enjoyed our sunrise this morning! What's the view out your kitchen window?


  1. I love your view. It`s so beautiful. Wish I had a view like that. Barns in sunrise, wow. I live in a town, and my view is the neighbour`s house. Not very romantic.

    Hugs Bente

  2. Ellie- What beautiful pictures of sunrises! I see a barn (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). xo Diana

  3. You're right! We have the most beautiful view of the sunset from our kitchen window.

  4. Very pretty sunsets for Barn Charm. Love the corn crib and shed in silhouette. It is just golden!

  5. The view from my kitchen window is absolutely nothing like that at all!!! How incredibly beautiful, Ellie, definitely has that WoW factor! =)

    I think the corn crib counts as a barn... Thanks for joining =)

  6. what an awesome view you get to enjoy. at both times of day & night. what a true blessing. i will be linking up next week. missed out due to being in disney world. take care. (:



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