Tuesday, March 6, 2012

11 Things-Tag! You're It!

I met a fun new blogger with a cute new IKEA kitchen last week. ChiWei from One Dog Woof put a new spin on the 11 Things You May or May Not Have Wanted to Know About Me challenge you've seen around blogland. The new spin? Tag yourself! Before you read about me, go meet ChiWei! I'll wait! 
Ok, so here are ChiWei's questions and my answers, whether or not you wanted to know!
1. Where is the favorite place you've lived?
Oh dear, maybe this quiz is too hard. Hmm... I spent my pre-teen and teen years in Ventura, California. Can't get much better than that. But I was a typical adolescent and didn't appreciate going to the beach every week, or that it never snowed or even got frosty there, and in the summer we didn't need an air conditioner either! 
Picture source
I've also lived in the Napa Valley (college & grad school) which was SO gorgeous, and Las Vegas which is fun for the shock reaction. I spent a year in Florence, Italy, which was amazing too. Now I'm in rural Iowa and that gets some funny looks too--mostly, how'd you end up here?!

2. Favorite store to shop at? Or, would want to shop at, if given an unlimited budget?
Dude. Who wouldn't want an unlimited shopping spree? I'd totally pick things for my home. I'd get all the supplies to redo my kitchen and living room, finish the basement, add a back patio and front porch, landscape around the house and then build a new garage! So Lowe's? Please?

3. What do you do during the day?  Out of the house job, or at home job?  (Staying at home with a kid/s counts as a way mucho serious job.)
I'm a stay-at-home mom which of course means I sit around watching soap operas and eating bon-bons all day. Right? Oh, you neither? Ok, reality check. I get up at 5 so I have a chance to shower, then make meals, wash dishes, entertain children, do laundry, clean house, work on projects, wipe butts, do more laundry, cook more, wash more, blog a little and fall into bed. I've never been so busy with so little feedback or promotions or raises to show for it! I do have three happy and healthy little boys and a great relationship with my husband, so I must be doing something right.

4. Do you believe in allowances for kids, and at what age?
Totally! I loved how my parents did it for me and my brother. I think I was 7 or so before it started. It was a flat rate every week with raises on your birthday, but with the raise came more responsibility. For instance, we had to buy our own socks with our allowance, then shirts and pants were added, as well as toys and fun stuff that wasn't part of the grocery bill or bought for us as presents. I was a spender and my brother hoarded his money.

5. Favorite food(s)?
I love Thai food and Indian food! I would probably choose Indian over Thai because it's easier to eat vegetarian. Even the meatless dishes at most Thai restaurants have fish sauce. That's ok with me once in awhile, but not a lot.

6. What do you like most about yourself?
I'm nice. Really really nice. I have the impression that not many people _don't_ like me. If you're one of them, please continue to let me live in this bubble! I have a decidedly deceptive fake smile that makes me seem approachable. When I was a teacher I never dreaded parent-teacher conferences because I knew I could talk to the parents in a way that they would open up. Same for report cards. I would write, Johnny is an energetic student who knows how to make friends and will be a great leader one day. He is learning his ABCs and enjoys story time. What I meant was, Johnny never sits still, won't shut up and is a serious distraction to his class mates. I groan when he shows up each day. He should be reading by now and just won't pay attention, especially at story time!!!

7.  What is the first trait you notice about someone when you meet him/her?
I really notice if someone is genuine. Do they look me in the eye? Smile? Seem engaged in the conversation? Pay attention to what I'm saying? If yes, great! We can be friends. If not, well, I guess you don't have time for me and I'm clearly not important, so... buh bye.

8.  What is your next big home project?
Oh, I wish wish wish it was the kitchen! But the bank account just doesn't agree. Can someone please sponsor me? I'll advertise for you! Plaster my kitchen all over your website! PLEASE?! In reality it might be a low-budget living room makeover, or some walls in the basement. We'll see.

Image from Pottery Barn

9.  Have you been disillusioned about something that you believed when you were younger?
I'm still trying to convince myself that most people are as kind and loving as I thought they were. Again with the bubbles! I know 95% of people out there really are nice and would never hurt me or my kids, but that other 5% scares the stink outta me!

10.  What got you into blogging?
I've always enjoyed arranging my stuff so it looks nice. With homeownership, I've learned how to paint and how to make decisions with bigger purchases. Which led to, other blogs and a realization that, hey, I can do that too! So I started blogging about it.

11.  Favorite book?
I love historical novels, especially the American frontier or characters in the Bible that are historically-accurately portrayed. I don't really have a favorite specific book though. Lame! I really don't take the time to read books anymore either, unless it's aloud to my boys. Anybody want to read about dump trucks?
Ok, you're it! Here are some more fun questions, or you can do the same 11 that I did. Or come up with your own! Whatever you want, it would just be more fun to know more about you, either in the comments or on your own blog. 
1. What is a favorite childhood memory of yours?
2. Where would you go if you had a month of paid vacation and everything was covered--flights, food and fun?
3. If you could give your pre-parent self some advice, what would it be?
4. What was the best time of your life? Childhood? College? Young adult? Parent? 50-something? Retired? Why?
5. Do you like where you live? Where would you move if your job wasn't a factor?
6. What IS your job, anyway? How'd you end up doing that?
7. How did you meet your spouse/significant other? How long have you been together?
8. What's your guilty pleasure? 
9. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new skill mastered, what would you want it to be?
10. What's your favorite color? Do you decorate with it? 
11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? 20?
Can't wait to hear your answers!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the shoutout, and I can't believe I wasn't following you already. Fixed that. I love the advice about the allowance, since we have a little boy, and now that we're parents, I'm constantly amazed at how our parents brought us up to be financially responsible, and productive members of society in general! And when Josh starts school, you better believe I'll reread his parent/teacher comments to find the underlying problems :-)



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