Thursday, March 22, 2012

Junk Drawer No More!

My Sweetheart gave me the night off yesterday. I went to a couple thrift stores and found nothing exciting, but then decided to wander around Target. I am so. much. fun! Target with no little helpers is my idea of a good time!

Well, you guessed it--a junk drawer organizer for $6.89 came home with me. It's a Room Essentials Junk Drawer Organizer, if you were wondering. I had to do something about this:  

(cue scary music!)

Painful, I know! Quick, look at the after!

Whew! (Sighs in relief!) 

Let's dwell a moment on my organized junk, shall we? 

The tray has a top section that slides up and down along the bottom section. Here's how I organized the top part:

Here's the lower level:

 Here is the back of the lower section:

Here's my helper. Isn't he the cutest? The middle drawer above Baby J3 is the junk drawer in question. He's patting it like he knows.

(I would gladly accept a dream kitchen makeover, FYI. Lowe's. Home Depot. Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Edition. BHG. Anyone? You can use the pictures for advertising! See? Doesn't that sound like a deal?!)

One more before-and-after:

I plan to get another organizer tray for my utensil drawer, asap. Have you organized anything lately?

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  1. Oh-That looks great!I just did this not too long ago with my laundry room "junk" drawer. I am still just thrilled when I open it and I find that I am not so inclined to just throw stuff in there anymore. xo Diana

  2. Wow! You have enough super glue for an army! We can never find any around here!

  3. You should share this on tomorrow. This week's 'assignment' is Counters, Closets, or Drawers (oh my), and this is a perfect example.

    You were obviously very well prepared, but now well organized, too!

  4. Ellie i'm jealous! I do have a drawer like the one in your before photo which I still haven't fixed! LOL! I may take yours for example!



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