Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: Framed!

I've been wanting to re-post some of my favorite posts from my first two years of blogging. Since my 2nd blogiversary is coming up next month I'm going to start Flashback Fridays at Beauty 4 Ashes. Maybe you'll get to see something you hadn't before!

 Re-post from November 19, 2010.
Do you ever have procrastination-inspired brainstorms that turn out sooooo much better than you could have imagined? 

Let me show you mine:

Now here's the story: 

I needed a birthday present for a grandparent. It had to be low-budget. As in low. I knew I had taken a couple great pictures of my boys this summer, and what do grandparents love more than pictures of their grandkids? Maybe some artwork by them? 

Enter dollar store frames + paint.

No, my little guy isn't wearing a shirt. 

Oh look, neither is big brother!

Yes, J2 tasted it. No, it wasn't toxic. We used washable tempura in 3 different colors. J2 wasn't telling if the red tasted different than the green!

J1 didn't taste it, but had as much fun painting his hand, the paper plate, the newspaper and an extra paper as he did the picture frame!

Here are the masterpieces laid out to dry on plastic wrap. I did fill in a couple spots so the frame wasn't showing, and I painted the inside and outside edges.

J1's frame has more streaks because he actually brushed the paint on.

J2's frame has a sponge effect because he patted the frame with his brush. I added a coat of poly and wrote their names, ages and the date on the back with permanent marker.

Here's the finished product!

Aren't they adorable?! (Yes, I see that I need to center the above picture!)

Here's a cost breakdown:
frames: $1 each
paint: already on hand
poly: previously owned
5X7 pictures: Kodak kiosk at CVS, $2 each (I know, I could have done better for 5X7s, but I love the quality of Kodak pictures and didn't have time to order from their website which is cheaper than the kiosk option.)
subtotal: $3 each
grand total for gift: $6

This will be a project for more family members in the future, you can count on that! I know they will love it. I do!

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  1. I love the finished gifts. Also the painted boys:):)Smiles,Susie(She Junks)



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