Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guest Post: Organizing Childrens' Spaces

Today we have a special treat on Beauty 4 Ashes--it's my first time to have a guest post! Katie is another Iowa blogger and while we've never met in person, we've been blog friends for almost two years now. Katie is doing a Small House series and have tons of tips and creative ideas to organize small homes. Here she is! 


Hey everyone, I’m Katie and I blog about our life On the Banks of Squaw Creek. We have two little boys and a Little House  so I have spent quite a bit of time and energy figuring out the best way to organize all of their books and toys.

One of my favorite projects is this dresser in Adam’s room.  Click on the picture to see how I did it.


For our books downstairs, I used shelf brackets to keep all the picture books from sliding down into a mess.



Stuffed animals had taken over Adam’s bedroom, so together, we created this “Zoo” for them to live in.


For the toys in the living room, I used diaper boxes to make these pretty bins.


Finally, I am showing off our dining/play room this week on my blog.  Make sure you come on over and see how we’ve incorporated toy storage and a play table in our dining room.


Thanks, Katie! What great ideas! I love that animal zoo. And the diaper-boxes-turned-pretty-storage-bins. Oh, and the brackets to help make the books stand up? Awesome!

Hope you have a great day, and happy organizing! 



  1. Great ideas all, and Adam is sure a cutie!

  2. What really great ideas here! CUTE little guy, too. xo Diana

  3. I really like those little book rack on the side of the dresser. How handy is that. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

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