Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ventura Pier

One morning during our week in Ventura, I met a friend at the beach by the pier. The boys and I were early enough that we took a walk to the end of the pier--a required activity when in Ventura.

The pier in Ventura is right by Surfer's Point. See those little dots out there? No matter what time of day or year, they are there! Sometimes, depending on the tides, there are more dots. My Grandma used to love to drive down here and watch the surfers and the waves.

There's a boardwalk along the edge of the sand before the hotels start. I've been on that many times when I was younger, both walking and riding my bike. There's a rotating restaurant at the top of the highest hotel where we had a banquet in academy. 

According to the City of Ventura, "Since its original construction in 1872, the Ventura Pier has stood as a symbol of the region's rich history and natural resources. Once the cornerstone of Ventura County's agricultural, construction and oil trade, today the Ventura Pier is a favorite attraction for fishing, picnics, sunset strolls and beautiful views of Ventura County's coastline and the Channel Islands." On this day, as is typical for August, fog obscured the view of the islands. 

At the place where the pier curves to the right at the end, it used to extend farther, back in the glory days. In the mid-90s the pier was restored and Ventura proudly claimed the record for the world's longest wooden pier ("wooden" being the operative term). I'm not sure how long that lasted, because a storm came and wrecked the new addition! Ventura has never rebuilt that section of the pier!

Looking south, you can see the curve of the bay from Ventura, past the harbor and on into Oxnard.

Looking north, there is Surfer's Point and the fairgrounds, then the beach curves inland again.

Looking back onto shore you can see much of the city of Ventura.

I have to admit, I was a little stressed with  my three little boys out there alone with me. Not that it would happen but what if one fell? Who would help me? Would I have to jump in too? Who would watch the other two? Crazy thoughts of a mom!

The pier is a favorite spot for fishing! I wonder what Ventura was like in 1872?

I wanted a picture of my three little guys, but they just weren't into it! Totally distracted, goofy and prancing! No, Jared doesn't need to go to the bathroom, he's just being silly!

Despite the hazy, breezy day, it was warm in the sand. The black stuff is seaweed which stinks and attracts bugs. Romantic, eh?

Jonathan had a great time digging and splashing in the waves.

Jared stayed close to the blanket, digging and occasionally getting sand on us. He was very wary of the seagulls after learning from our previous day at the beach that they can be pests!

Josiah had more fun than it looks like here--the sun was in his eyes and it was his naptime.

At this point, my battery failed and I didn't get any pictures of me and my friend or her darling little girl! I stole this one from your facebook page, Andrea!

Oh, so THAT's what a little girl looks like!!!

Thanks for enjoying the Ventura Pier with us!


  1. Love yoyr photos, Ellie.

    Hope you have a great week.


  2. That water is gorgeous! Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a great time :)



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