Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eucalyptus Botanicals {and a walk with my boys}

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It's funny the things that remind you of home that you didn't realize you missed until you're back. For me it used to be palm trees. While I'm still drawn to them, they don't trigger the emotional memories that eucalyptus does.

I took my boys on a walk/bike ride a couple mornings when we were staying at my Mom's house in Ventura. She lives right by this awesome bike trail lined with eucalyptus.

It just smelled like home.

The boys were having such a great time--our house in Iowa was on gravel with a gravel driveway and no sidewalks. 

Here they were free to go as fast as they wanted and they didn't even have to worry about traffic!

It was great, because their mom was pushing the stroller, taking pictures of trees and flowers (like these oleander blooms) and smelling the eucalyptus.

This next part has nothing to do with eucalyptus, but we're also talking about memories, right? My Mom and brother and I always used to play our version of Frogger when we crossed over bridges. You remember the old computer game? The frog has to jump from log to log to get across the river... Or from car to car to get across the street. Or something like that. 

Our version is to try to cross the bridge without getting "hit" by the cars and trucks and semis below.

So if a vehicle crosses directly below you *CRASH* you lose!

Honestly, the boys had more fun looking at the cars and trucks. People waved! Semi drivers honked!

And I got to take pictures of an orange grove bordered by eucalyptus!

Poor little guy didn't get in many pictures on this outing. Oh well!

Anyway, back on track. I have the impression that eucalyptus trees are kind of like weeds in southern California. They are used for windblocks and a type of fence, like in the orange grove above.

They're not the cleanest trees either, with all their debris.

I noticed there was no grass directly under the eucalyptus and wondered if that was because it doesn't grow well there.

All the colors on the peeling bark are great! The darker green is a favorite of mine. The leaves are also pretty shades of green.

That made me think of botanical prints on our topic, like the next two:

Wouldn't a collection of eucalyptus botanicals be pretty? Think of a display like this.

via Houzz

I love the mix of silvery blue and green with lots of gray in it, and the botanical prints in vintage frames.

Here is a more modern grouping in simple black frames. Botanical prints seem to be at home anywhere from the dining room, entry (above), bedroom or living room (below).

So what do you think of botanical prints? Any fond memories of random things like eucalyptus? Made up family games? Smells you didn't know you missed?

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