Friday, September 21, 2012

Pine Cone Art {Free!}

This three-dimensional pine cone art-on-a-stick has been hanging in the living room of our temporary quarters for at least a month now, but if you haven't noticed, the lack of natural light in our rooms means my photographing abilities are waaaay challenged. As in, every picture I take inside STINKS. I've been trying to use white backgrounds so I can edit things better (as in the basil post), but things are grainy and awful and I seriously need to learn how to use my camera!

So today I decided I don't really care that much. I'm not linking to any fab parties, nobody's pinning anything, I just want to show you how I filled up a stark bare walls without spending a dime! And the pictures aren't that bad with a few effects a la PicMonkey!

If you remember our living room from the little tour here, you'll see big white bare walls and other random uglies. The boys and I collected pine cones every time we took a walk, and one day we came across the perfect stick. I had some string already (it's pretty think, from the craft section at Walmart), so I hung the pine cones at varying lengths from the stick and used more string to hang the stick off of a screw that was already in the wall.

Here's a real time, real life reveal for ya!

Now let's play I Spy!

I spy with my little eye...
  • Pine cones on a stick! (AKA: Free 3D Art!)
  • Supplies from said project still out on the desk
  • Little boy boo-boo and bandaid
  • Smaller boy eating gnawing on an apple
  • Slightly larger boy talking nicely to his little brother
  • Toys all over making it impossible to walk anywhere
  • Really fugly, lopsided motel style couch
  • Lamp dying for a make over
 How did you do? Here's the answer key, just in case that was hard for ya. lol!

Alrighty then, I'll leave you with a slightly less scary picture.

Do you have 3D natural art in your house?

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