Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Making Applesauce

I might have mentioned that the school Gary is attending has a certified organic garden and students are encouraged (some might even say required) to spend a few hours once a week working in the garden. I love that and wish I could go too, but my littlest little boy would do more damage than I would do good!

Last week Gary took Jonathan with him for his work-study hours. They were assigned the job of picking up apples that had fallen in the orchard. 

They came back with a couple five-gallon buckets full of not-so-good apples. We washed them...

... and cored them and made sure we cut out any damaged parts. And any worms. Ew, but true!

We filled a pot full of apple pieces and water.

The apples simmered for about an hour, making our temporary quarters smell like fall! If only the weather would cooperate--it's still in the 90s during the day.

When the apples were quite mushy, we used an immersion blender (also called a hand held blender) right in the pot to emulsify the skin. We chose to leave the skin on because we're lazy, it was faster, and the skin is where the vitamins are! We also knew these apples grew organically so the skins were clean.

Yum! Applesauce! No, I'm not sure what the camera was focusing on. (Does anyone have any recommendations for an online photography class? I need to learn how to use my expensive camera!)

We've been enjoying our fresh applesauce this week! I used it with lots of cinnamon to make pancakes on Sunday and they were really moist and delicious. We also eat a lot of applesauce with peanut butter on toast.

We ended up with four gallon-sized zip-top bags full of applesauce in the freezer as we have no canning supplies here at school with us. Yum!

How do you like your applesauce?


  1. Oh- Yeah! I haven't made any yet this season- xo Diana

  2. My lazier way is to not core the apples, then run them through my chinoise (which I only learned the name of in the last couple years)... But that sieves out the peels, so that nutrition and fiber is lost. So I like your way!



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