Friday, October 9, 2015

Ross Creek Cedars

We live at the tippy top of Idaho, and if you remember geography at all, you know the northern half of the state is very narrow. We're on the eastern edge of it, just 10 miles or so from the Montana border.

A few weeks ago we took the long way home from church. It added about 30 miles to the drive but we got to see some spectacular Montana country! It's even more wild and rural than the part of Idaho we live in.

We had planned to find somewhere to stop and take a hike, so after driving in several potential areas and getting turned around by long gravel roads to nowhere, or signs warning of fires (which we could see), we came across Ross Creek Cedars.

The weather was cool and refreshing and it felt good to be outside walking around after a day of sitting. We explored the creek and took a walk through the cedar forest.

It was less than two miles so we looped around a little bit extra so I could get my #walk365 mileage in, and because it was fun!

The hike is interactive and it seemed like visitors were encouraged to climb on and in and under and through the giant trees!

And the creek bed had so many of these rock towers! It was an incredible 3D feeling that the pictures simply miss.

We loved being at Ross Creek Cedars and are sure to return. I'd like to go in the spring to see if the creek gets full!

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