Friday, October 16, 2015

Robinson Lake

A few weeks ago on a normal Sunday, a friend we ran into in town told us about a hike he had been on the day before. It was a beautiful day and we had nothing on the agenda, so we went looking for this hiking trail!

We drove north on Hwy 95 from Bonners Ferry. The drive itself is so beautiful! This section of 95 is part of the Wild Horse Trail Scenic Byway and the International Selkirk Loop. After about 25 miles, we came to Robinson Lake and Campground. It looked promising, so we parked and started walking around.

We found a trail in the forest and followed it as it meandered by Gillon Creek.

We walked about a mile and a half before finding a quiet spot and letting the boys do what boys will do around creeks.

There was lots of rock throwing and leaf-boat races. Jonathan helped guide the boats through a rocky spot as they kept getting stuck. I'm truly surprised he didn't get wet!

This guy and I enjoyed hanging out, watching our kids, and looking at this:

At times like these, we're so so glad we moved here!

We followed another trail back to the campground. When the boys saw a fallen log over the creek that made a perfect bridge, they all had to try it. I don't want to admit how nervous I was for them! They all did great! No one fell or freaked out. Josiah got a little help from his daddy, but I couldn't even watch! #boymom

After that nerve-wracking experience (honestly, I was the only one with a case of nerves!), we headed back to the lake to do some faux fishing and more leaf-boats. Actually, Jared carried a huge chunk of bark through half of the hike and we found pinecones and rocks to be passengers.

I was happy to have a bench to sit on and this beautiful view!

I think Robinson Lake Campground is next on our list of places to camp. But this very pregnant lady isn't camping anywhere for awhile!

After we left Robinson Lake, we drove the remaining 5 miles or so up to the Canadian Border. You know, just to say we'd been there. We currently don't have passports so we can't venture across the border, but we'd like to one day!

Hope you enjoyed this outing with us!

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