Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project #walk365 {September}

On Monday, my birthday, I walked my 365th mile this year!

But that was October and this is supposed to be about September!

I walked 46 miles in September, which I'm so proud of, but I didn't quite meet my monthly goal of walking 2 miles a day, 6 days a week. That's ok--I still did a great job. But there were days I didn't make walking a priority and days I just didn't feel up to it and let it slide. Because of that--feeling overwhelmed some days--as well as darker, colder mornings and the ever growing baby bump, I set my October goal as 1.5 miles 5 days a week.

Let's get on with the run-down of my September walks!

1. Today's walk was so very beautiful! The clouds are amazing and the mountains are back after being hidden by smoke for a couple weeks.
2. I walked in the rain this morning. It wasn't more than a sprinkle but my clothes were wet and I can't say I liked it. At least it wasn't hot. Or smokey.
3. It's so pretty in Idaho! Today was both hot and cold, depending on the wind.
4. There was rain last night and this morning the clouds were so beautiful! It was also cold! I had to go back inside for another layer and my gloves.

1. I walked with the whole family today on an old road into Bonners Ferry. It was a mile down and a mile back up and I didn't die! Only added a few minutes to my usual time. The view helped.
2. I walked with my two younger boys today, so we drove a little way to avoid crossing the highway. This pond is almost dry but there's a sign that says "water over road". We'll see how full it gets in the spring.
3. Gary is still out of town, so I walked with my boys again. They're great walkers/bikers!
4. Doesn't it look cold?

1-2. (From the same walk.) My walking buddies. Filtered sunshine.
3. Starting to see fall colors on my walks!
4. I'm soon going to have to change my walking time--it's getting darker! It was a cool 48* this morning.

1. Two more miles on this dark and chilly morning.
2. Another day, another walk.
3. Back out walking after taking the weekend off. It rained last night but thankfully quit about the time I started walking.
4. The sunrise today was so pretty! I also saw a couple dozen deer, 40+ turkeys and a dozen horses. Also, I walk faster when it's cold!

1. It was frosty this morning! It took nearly the whole first mile to warm up. 350 miles total-getting close to my goal!
2. Fall colors in Northern Idaho.
3. The whole family got to walk through Ross Creek Cedars in Montana this afternoon. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. The walk was very interactive and the boys loved it!
4. I love weekend walks with the family! This one was by a lake and a stream in the forest. So pretty!

1. This was moonset in the west while sunrise happened in the east. I was tired, the weather was cold and getting out the door was hard! So glad I did it anyway!
2. I'm glad I have my #walk365 project to keep me motivated.
3. I see dozens of deer on my early morning walks. They're very alert and afraid of me and usually put up their tails and run. However if you're in a car they just ignore you!
4. Total for September: 46 miles. Total for 2015: 359 miles!

So there you go! I'm thankful my husband is supportive of my walks. He has been making breakfast so I can go for a walk during the week, and on weekends we usually go out somewhere as a family. I'm proud of myself for sticking to this New Year's resolution!

You can follow me on Instagram (gibsongirl726) and read about my walks by searching #walk365 or #runwalkhike. Those hashtags aren't exclusively mine so you'll find lots of other motivated walkers too.

Have a good one!


  1. Great job walking Ellie, and thank you so much for sharing you walks with us. So very beautiful.

    1. Oh, and happy, happy birthday!

    2. Thanks Ashli! Glad you're interested in the walks. Have a great day!



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