Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another Basement

Our basement in this house we're renting would make a great BEFORE.

I hope you like orange and brown!

Or That 70s Show!

Yup. Orange carpet and trim, brown paneling. Straight out of the 70s.

I had fun using old things for this mantel.

We moved our old couch downstairs, I rolled out a rug to try to break up all the orange carpet, and we're using a trunk as a coffee table.

There is a crate of kid books beside the couch--forgot to take a picture of it--and I think this will be a cozy spot to curl up during the winter.

Our guest room is in the basement and grandmas are taking turns helping us out when the baby's born. Next door to this room is the boys' playroom, and Gary's office is in a section of this large living room.

There's also a gym! Gary uses this area a lot and I might use the treadmill to gently get back into walking after having a baby.

One thing missing in this basement? A bathroom! That's definitely something we'd add if this was our house. Before even changing the carpet! Painting the paneling though? That would be high on the list!

Hey, we're just thankful for the extra space! Even if it is stuck in the 70s!

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  1. Sometimes you just have to go all vintage and classy in order to create a unique ensemble for a concept that feels homely and cozy. It does not necessarily need to always be modern or futuristic before you could achieve a beautiful ambience for the house. We just have to thankful for that extra space like how you mentioned. The additional storage would definitely come in handy regardless of how much we disagree with the interior design from an overall perspective.



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