Monday, October 12, 2015

Pregnancy #4: 32 Weeks

We got to see more pictures of our 4th little sweetie a couple weeks ago! We're so thankful everything looks healthy and normal. The technician even said she looks like her brothers. Aw!

Today is actually the last day of Week 32. Time is flying! I do feel like I'm starting to slow down and I have to ration my energy.

I'm still walking, but I've cut back to 1.5 miles 5 days a week. So far that's been easy to do, but I'm glad to have a goal set and the accountability of reporting how it's going here on my blog, or I'd find every excuse to not go!

In the last month it's officially become fall, we've enjoyed a few family outings, I turned 40, and my prenatal visits are up to twice a month. Everything looks great though, so we're thankful.

Some kind ladies from our church went together and bought us a beautiful white crib and matching changing table! I just love it! The current nursery is super tiny, so we had to move the dresser we had in there out to the mudroom. It's holding hats and scarves and things and will be moved back into baby's room in our next house. For now, there's a huge built in closet with drawers and plenty of room for storage in the nursery.

There's also a baby shower scheduled, hosted by more ladies at our church! I'm so glad to be welcomed by these ladies and hope I can make some real friends. Moving to a new area is always hard in that regard!

Baby's Auntie is making a mobile like this for her! I'm so excited! The butterfly punch is detailed and so pretty with the different scrapbook papers. It's going to be so adorable above the crib!

Our boys are excited to meet their sister! Poor things have no idea how much their lives will be interrupted with a newborn around! I'm so thankful for Grandmas who will be with us for several weeks, plus Gary practically works from home. We'll just stick close to home, rest a lot, and stay cozy and warm together.

Ok, so notice how the bump has grown? Check out Week 29 compared to 32! I guess that's a good thing, right? (And isn't it silly how my face is a totally different color in each of the pictures below? I guess photo edits and filters do make a difference!)

Thanks for reading! Only a couple more of these updates to go!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you have great ladies at church, and I do hope some of them become soulmate friends (that's what I like to call them). Part of the reason I love reading your blog so much is you guys have moved just about as many times as we have in the last 5 years and I know how hard it is. God has always given me a soul mate friend in the places He has moved us but sometimes his timing isn't as quick as I would like. I pray he gives you strong connections this winter as you welcome your new little one. May the blessing of friendship keep you warm during this Idaho winter. :)

    1. That's so sweet! Thank you. God is good, isn't he?



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