Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Rest of the Mantel

So someone shared with me after my last mantel post that I had spelled "mantel" wrong. I questioned, I checked, and found out it's true! A "mantle" is something you wear, similar to a cloak, among other definitions, like it being part of the Earth's crust. So now you know and I know, and I'm sure the rest of the blog world will quickly get on board because of my sharing it with you here. Right? Sure.

But anyway, I told you I never really change things once I like them, and I still like my mantel, but a couple things changed. Not major. Going back and changing the spelling in my original post would be major compared to this. 

See, my flowers died. And then I found new ones. And it's been a week and they're still mostly pretty. Except I went and bought one of those new-pretending-to-be-old blue ball jars and have the same flowers in that now, but all I had was a cell phone picture.

And I added the rest of the fireplace so you can see it.

I still cropped out most of the awkward angles though it's easier to see why I was thinking about white washing the brick a bit. 

I love our birthday card display! I used twine, thumb tacks and mini clothes pins.

So yeah, there's my tiny tweak. Mostly in the spelling of "mantel" and in showing you the rest of the fireplace. I updated you on the change in flowers but didn't share the change in vases. Wow, this is an info-packed post! 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



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