Monday, May 13, 2013

Put a Frame On It

One of my successes as a blogger is this collage wall that was part of our youngest's nursery in Iowa.

Sigh... I miss that room! 

Here in Ohio, we decided because of the layout of the house and the ages of our boys to put them all in the same room. Only the youngest naps anymore, and they seem to be so tired at night from all of the outdoor play they get that they usually go right to sleep instead of keeping each other awake. 

But this isn't about our parenting choices, it's about a collage wall! 

I knew since most of the furniture from Josiah's nursery would now be used in our guest room, the white frames would follow suit. Here's where it is now.

I've been picking things that are a little more colorful for the guest room than for the nursery. I added the two pictures of my little guys in the bathtub too (still need to edit and print the third--oops!). 

This wreath hung on the barn door headboard at our old house. Remember it? I hung it on an empty frame that used to feature a cute little outfit in the nursery.

And then there was this empty frame from the nursery that had twine strung on it. Why not clip some paint chips to it? Instant color! 

Moral of the story: If it's cute, put a frame on it! Or if it's the right size or texture, or if you can group like items together, or if you just like a bunch of pretty things, frame them! And if your frames don't match, spray paint is your friend!

Now what else can I add to that collage?



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