Friday, May 31, 2013

Instagram Lately

Instagram and I are a good fit. I don't like Twitter much. #toocomplicated. I do the Facebook thing but try to keep family and el bloggo separate. Don't ask why. Well, don't ask Ellie, ask Elizabeth. Privacy issues. 

Anyway, Instagram is one place where I freely mix blogging, family, outings, things I like and random things that I want to share with the world you. So if you're not on Instagram, I'd highly recommend it. And I'll follow you! If you're still not convinced, here are 9 reasons to follow me on Instagram.

1. This. This example of the cutest kid in the history of ever. 

 2. Lots of pictures of Mr. Cutest Kid Ever with his cutest ever big brothers just doing what cute kids everywhere do when they're being cute. 

 3. Cute kids having cute birthdays with cute (and simple) ideas on how to celebrate!

 4. Real time updates on room makeovers.

 5. Outings logged. Because what would you do if you didn't know our family ate a Pizookie? (It's ok, we made up for it with plenty of vegetables and a flight of stairs to the clouds.)

6. More home improvement updates. That mantel (correct spelling) was on Instagram weeks before the blog saw it. The chair was up a day or two before. I still haven't blogged about the twin sheets as curtains.

7. Oh look, cute kids on family outings! 
8. What is this? More pictures of the cute kids out somewhere? Oh, going for a walk!!! So glad you didn't miss that one, aren't you?

9. Nature. Nature is pretty. Especially in Ohio, or Missouri or California or wherever these cute kids keep popping up. 

Come find me on Instagram! I'm gibsongirl726. Have a great weekend!


  1. I must say you have tempted me to join instagram, but I'm not quite there. I already waste too much online. But I will admit, though I am partial to my very own cutest kiddo ever, yours is a very close runner up. :)

    1. Instagram is so fun! And that picture of my son just kills me! Thanks for stopping by!



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