Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Chalkboard Wall

With the crazy unpacking/sorting/purging and other home making I've been doing since we moved to Ohio in March, I've stopped posting from my Inspirational Files. After jumping back in to blogging last week, I noticed that the very last post I left you with was an inspirational post on chalkboard walls.

 Those images must have stayed in my head because even before the living room looked like home, before the guest room was unpacked, and while there were still boxes in my husband's and my bedroom, I had bought a $16 quart of chalkboard paint. I actually got another quart of magnetic paint (which is also black) to use as primer and for the added fun of the walls being magnetic, but it was a FAIL. I don't know if it isn't thick enough (I did two coats) or smooth enough or what, but the walls are not magnetic.

Verdict: I love this chalkboard wall! It's lots of fun to doodle on instead of waiting for water to boil. We enjoyed using it for our birthday countdown and Happy Birthday messages to our boys. Remember our three boys each have May birthdays. :)  My husband's verdict? Notsomuch. I think his exact words were, "Let's not do this again." Maybe it'll grow on him?

The boys loved drawing on the chalkboard wall for the first couple of weeks, but it's been awhile since they've asked. We went through a lot of chalk and it was really dusty, to be honest.

Another thing, part of the reason why I wanted a chalkboard wall was for the color. I like black and the kitchen is pretty light. Having painted all of the walls and backsplash black, however, I think it's too much! I'm thinking of leaving that back wall black but using beadboard wallpaper or something easy for the backsplashes. Just so you know if you're considering doing the same thing. Oh, and chalkboard paint can be bought in many different colors or even made to the color of your choosing.

I'll show you the rest of the kitchen tomorrow!

Do you have a chalkboard wall? Do you use it?

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