Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspiration Files: Modern Farmhouse, Part 2

Let's continue our tour of my fantasy farmhouse! I wasted so much time had so much fun picking the perfect style for my imaginary house's garage, laundry, mud room, kitchen, craft room/classroom, entry and living room. Here's the link to see what I dreamed up last week. Now I'm back with fun ideas for bedrooms and bathrooms.

This is the house I found with the modern farmhouse look I love. Here is the floor plan.

Last week's tour left off at the living room. Let's take a peek at the powder room just down the hall! Do I see a barn door?

Here's what the inside looks like. Ignore the tub; this is just a powder room.

If we continue around the corner we come to the master bedroom: 

Of course every dream home has to have an organized walk-in closet!

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

Next to that fabulous closet is the master bathroom.

As much as I'd like to poke around in the master suite forever, let's head upstairs! 

Here's the layout of the second floor as the builder has it planned:

But since this is a complete fantasy, let's just say that the bedroom on the right bottom corner and the bathroom in the middle of the right side switch places, making one biiiiig bedroom for my three boys! We can do things like that in our imaginations! Here are some ideas:

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Oh man! Three boys could have a blast with those built-in bunks. I love them!

Here's the upstairs bathroom. Completely kid-friendly and fun, but with a farmhouse feel.

Let's go back across the top of the stairs (where we can look down into the entry on one side and the living room on the other--so cool!) and see this last bedroom. Now folks, I have three boys whom I absolutely adore and wouldn't trade for all the girls in the world, but for a minute will you indulge me and let me include a fun, girly space? We can call it the guest room or Grandma's Suite too, if that makes me seem less pathetic you feel better.

We'll end our tour with a glimpse of the little nook under the window. How sweet would it be to have a little reading/dreaming/thinking seat under that window! 

Hope you enjoyed this just-for-run tour of my imaginary dream home! 


  1. What fun to come here and dream along with you, Ellie. I love your rooms...especially those bedrooms for the boys. How cure are those? Happy Monday-xo Diana

  2. My dream was to have those type of builtin bunks, but we didn't manage them. Great inspiration pics, as usual! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tour! You have a beautiful dream home. :)



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