Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exterior Touch-up Paint

There's a reason why you don't see many pictures of the outside of the Ashes Homestead. The couple shots I have posted are from a distance.

Without going into detail {yawn}, we haven't been able to landscape around our house. It's on the list for this spring, but because of the spring-like weather we're experiencing in Iowa this January, my husband was able to take care of another eye-sore...

Chippy paint. And not the good kind! Take a peek:

Anyone notice the two splotches of blue spray paint beside that door? I wonder how that happened?

What? Don't you have an old statue on your front step? Just so you know, that statue is from my husband's academy days. He and his brother would move it all over when no one was looking. That academy has closed and when the grounds were leveled a couple years ago, my husband had to save the statue! If our plans come to fruition, there will eventually be a water feature in our backyard where this statue (restored!) will preside. So there you have it!

Sun, snow, wind and time are not kind to the exterior of a wood-sided house! 

My handyman bought a scraper, white exterior paint and a spray painting thing. It was only a couple of hours later and our house now looks like this:

So much better, right? 

In an effort to document for posterity have a record somewhere, eventual plans besides the landscaping include eliminating that front door and the miniscule porch, turning the middle window into french doors and adding a real porch. Or adding a whole dining room addition. Then the whole house will be re-sided. 

For now, we'll enjoy less chippy paint on the exterior of our home!


  1. Looks great! Nice work on the touchup. My husband's family lives in Iowa and we keep hearing about the great weather! It sure was nice when we were back there for Christmas.

  2. So nice to have something neatened up like that. Something so seemingly minor just boosts the spirit.

  3. It looks better after the paint job is done. Nice job there.

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