Sunday, January 29, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Our Barn

I love that our property has a barn. We don't know very much about it, but it is still cool. We think it used to house sheep. I wish we knew when it was built and what it has seen. The previous owners used it to store their old junk. We've found several fun things--like enamel bowls, a toy train, an old table that I'm not sure can be salvaged... And piles of trash. 

Unfortunately, the barn isn't used much now--our tractor is out there and I think the mower is wintering there. The barn falls apart a little more every year. Its foundation is cracked and bowing on one side, and it's just not worth the money to fix. I hope it's still sound enough for my boys to enjoy climbing in the rafters and building forts and things that boys do when they're old enough. Here's to old barns! 


  1. It is to bad it will eventually fall down.

  2. I know how expensive it is to keep those old barns up. And, if you aren't farming, there usually isn't the money to keep them up. Our old barn gave way to time and my brother finally tore it down...along with the outbuildings. So sad. The old barn photo is beautiful. I hope yours is around long enough, and is safe enough, for your boys to enjoy someday. xo Diana

  3. It is a beautiful barn and I hope the boys can enjoy it, they are so fun to adventures in. :)

  4. Your boys will treasure those times if they're able to play in it, for sure!

    Thanks again =)

  5. you have a beautiful barn! what a fun place for kids to play! love your editiong on this photo.

  6. Very good photo and post-processing.

    Regards and best wishes



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