Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scraps + Hanger = Wreath

Before I discovered blogs, I would have never bought a canvas painter's drop cloth. I would have told you they were a waste of money, cuz really, who needs one?! 

While I still prefer to chance-it when painting, much to my husband's angst, canvas drop cloths are now one of my favorite purchases. For under $10 you have a yummy textured possibility! I've made faux roman shades, a striped faux roman shade, striped curtains-as-closet-doors, a sink skirt and now this:

All of my projects seemed to leave a few scraps, so when I saw a similar wreath on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one. Better yet, I happened to have a couple hours this week to create something from start to finish! I love completed projects!

Just for fun, here's a run-down of the steps I took to make my wreath.

Materials needed: 
*Canvas drop cloth remnants (other fabric will work too--ooh! burlap!)
*Wire hanger
*Ribbon for hanging

1. Rip canvas drop cloth into strips. Mine are about 3 inches wide and of varying lengths, depending on the scraps I was working with. 

2. Fold strips back and forth ....

3. Thread piles onto the hanger. Ignore the random color variation in the picture.

4. Continue to rip, fold, poke and jab strips of cloth onto the hanger. This will be a little mind-numbing, so watch a movie or gab with a friend.

5. Twist strips around to make the wreath fuller. Mmmmm! Texture!

6. Twist wire hanger around itself to close the wreath. I was out of scraps, so there was quite a gap left, but with more fluffing and twisting of the strips of cloth on the hanger, I was able to get the fullness I wanted. Yay!

7. Add a wide ribbon to cover the twisted wire hanger. Hang and enjoy your new FREE wreath! And you just used up the last of your drop cloth scraps--go you! Or me... Whatever!

I hung my wreath on our barn board headboard. I love the textures!

Since a lot of the scraps are from the striped curtain and faux roman shades that are in this room, the wreath seems right at home. 

Nothing like a free, simple project to help you get your creativity mojo back! And by "you" I mean me. You should make one too!

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  1. What a great idea! I love the name of your blog :-)

  2. Isnt' that the truth? Drop cloths and burlap too! Your wreath is lovely and thrifty too! I just did one in burlap and lace!

    So happy you linked your lovely project to Potpourri Friday. Hope you will make it a weekly party stop!

  3. That is a great all-season, year-round wreath! Visiting from KOJOdesigns party!

  4. I love this--the texture and rustic look.

    Would you be willing to submit this to the Make and Takes spotlight page? We'd love it. :)

  5. I love how it's not smooth but a little bit rippled. That just gives it more flare and personality.



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