Friday, December 16, 2011

An Organized Linen Closet

I did it! After two months, two major bedroom re-do's, two weeks on vacation (aka: away from home), and lots of primer and paint, the linen closet is done!

When my husband refinished our hardwood floors we took everything out of our hall closets and piled it up on the guest bed downstairs. Then we decided to switch rooms with our boys, so I tackled some John Deere kelly green paint in one room, the perfect "greige" in the other, added some maps in their room and a barn door headboard for us. Then I made some faux roman blinds with ruffles for our room and stripes for their room. 

All the while, there it sat our empty closets, though they didn't stay empty! They became a cache for paint supplies and complete randomness--who doesn't fill up empty shelves?!

So when I was finally ready to take on this closet, I had to clean it out again.

Then I primed the wood work and added two or three coats of paint to the walls, trim and shelves. This is where I fail to comment on how the closet stayed in the above started phase for two weeks. Ahem. 

I went with basic white off-the-shelf paint for this closet. I wanted to do a fun color or design, but it will be behind doors and with the items that live here put back away, there's enough going on already! 

Ahhhh! Neatness and order prevail once again!!! 

On the left: towels, sheets, blankets and quilts. On the right: first aide items, extra toiletries, and a few candles that aren't currently being used. 

This closet is right next to our storage-impaired bathroom, hence the toiletries and extra TP!

Here it is again, in profile:

Phase 1: 

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

It feels great to finally have this done! 

And I'm going to focus on the progress this weekend and not worry about this closet's next-door neighbor that is also in need of a make-over. Or that both closets have a set of doors that I need to paint and replace. Or that the trim in the hall is only 1/3 finished. Not to mention painting the walls themselves.

Focus on the progress... focus on the progress... 

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  1. Oh Ellie- It looks so nice. That is a BIG job done-especially this time of year! Blessings- xo Diana

  2. That's my favorite kind of project - a functional one! Maybe not super glamorous, but I bet you smile every time you use it :) I'd love to have that much space!

    (and if I did, it wouldn't be NEARLY that clean)

  3. Looks great! Organizing is always so satisfying. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice. Bright and neat and a little bit fun... Just like a linen closet should be!

  5. Wow! I absolutely love white paint for giving spaces a fresh, clean makeover. Very nice!


  6. Looks awesome Ellie! So crisp and fresh looking. Those baskets kind of remind me of my closet!

  7. I love that you have not filled up each shelf entirely looks organized and the baskets, too!

  8. Your linen closet looks great! I love the baskets with handles that you have!

  9. I also love the baskets. I love to get many different color baskets.

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