Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration Files: Advent Calendars

I can't believe it's less than two weeks till Christmas! I'm certainly not ready this year. I still have gifts to make and a tree to decorate. But I'm a procrastinator at heart, so it's all good. 

After showing you our Advent Calendar for this Christmas I realized that I had tons of other ideas floating around in my inspiration files on my computer. Do you do that? The problem I have is spending all of my time looking and not doing. It's so fun to look and surf and even save the pictures that inspire me, but then all my time to actually DO something is gone and I'm in a last-minute panic. Oy vey.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and post these Advent Calendars and Christmas Countdowns because I want a place to come and find them next, say, June, so I have time to put one together. 

So many fun ideas, so little time! 

Christmas ornament advent by Life as a Thrifter

Shoe organizer countdown at Eighteen25

Farmhouse Advent Calendar by OhHelloMagpie on Etsy

Countdown boxes by Polka Stripe Studio on Etsy

Christmas Countdown by SewUnique55 on Etsy

Modern Christmas Tree by threegeese on Etsy

 A new ornament each day by Pottery Barn

Goodies in buckets by Pottery Barn

Ornament Advent by Pottery Barn

Candle Countdown by The Yellow Cape Cod

Decorate or undecorate a small tree by Martha Stewart

Surprises in baby socks by Martha Stewart

Are you counting the days till Christmas? Any other procrastinators out there who haven't decorated their houses or finished shopping or making gifts? Anyone?


  1. Thanks for the feature! And, what great ideas!!

  2. Love these advent calendar ideas! The Martha Stewart baby sock one looks like something I could easily do for next year with my bag of mismatched socks and a little bit of fabric dye. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are all so adorable! I love advent calendars but I might be too lazy to make them... I definitely have not finished gifts yet! Agh... 11 days left! (I don't count Christmas or Christmas Eve... I better be done by then!)

  4. We have never done an Advent calendar. Thanks for showing the great ideas! I have 2 princes who are being tough to find a gift for... That's all there is left for shopping. Need to print and send my Christmas letter, though.



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