Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas!

Our Advent Calendar is up and running! 

I started with this card hanger from Pier 1. 

It looked much better after I removed the cards from my husband's birthday (September) and my birthday (October) and a few random new baby cards (um, May!). 

I gathered whatever I could find -- snowflake ornaments, bells, a few prizes, ribbon and tags.

I made the tags from old Christmas cards using a punch from Creative Memories. (Thanks, Noelle!)

I lined them up randomly, then used a mini paper cutter (also Creative Memories) and cut blank address labels into little squares.

I wrote numbers with marker on the address label stickers on the front of the tags, then wrote an activity on the back of the tag.

I attached a tag to an ornament with ribbon, then hung them in order on my card holder apparatus thingy-ma-bob.

I kept the activities very simple and random.

I tried to keep in mind what we would be doing anyway, and tried to remember that my littles are simple-minded. 

Oh, that sounds bad. My children are very smart, thank you, but they are excited by little things. And this Mommy is _this close_ to being overwhelmed already!

So we're going to do Christmas crafts, sing carols by the tree, bake goodies... You know, stuff we'd do anyway. Only maybe more often. You know?

Do you have an Advent Calendar? I've seen so many fun ones in Blogland and on Pinterest. I think it's a great way for kids to get excited about while they wait for Christmas. Ok, time to do our activity for the day!


  1. Ok, it is official -- the top of my to-buy list is one of these punches. Love this!


    PS. I am having a giveaway and I'd love for you to enter if you'd like to :)

  2. great, great, great idea!!!

    We were going to wrap up 25 Christmas books and open one every night, but I never got around to doing it. Maybe I will do it today and start, because we haven't read many of our Christmas books yet!



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