Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Display Boards

Since Christmas is over and the grandparents have opened their gifts, I wanted to share with all y'all something I made for them. 

No, I'm not from the South, neither have I ever spent time there. So don't ask me where "all y'all" came from. I clearly can't be held responsible.

I started by asking my sweetie to cut down a random board we had laying around. I had painted it blue at one point, but don't you worry your pretty little head about that. 

Not responsible for that saying either. Nope.

Next I used a palm sander to smooth down the edges and rub off some of that paint. I didn't stress about getting it all off, because I was planning to mod podge paper onto that side of the board. 

I stained the edges and the back with Special Walnut. I love that color!

I cut down some pretty card stock to the size of my board,

smeared on some mod podge and stuck the paper right on top. After it dried I took the palm sander to the edges of the paper to smooth them down, then smeared on another layer of mod podge to protect the paper.

To finish the project, I layered another strip of paper on top and tied some twine around it.

I also hot-glued on some tiny clothes pins that I stained with Special Walnut.

Except for the tiny clothes pins, I had everything on hand for this project. The boards are about 8 X 10 inches, and the intention is for the grandparents to clip on snapshots of the grandkids. Super fun, eh? 

Oh, look! Now I'm from Canada! 

I found the clothes pins at Walmart, the scrapbook paper is from Michael's in one of those sets that are sold as a booklet for about $10. 

Hope you like the boards! 

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