Monday, March 4, 2013

Homeschool Classroom {Moodboard Monday}

Hey! It's Monday and I had time to create a moodboard! We're pretty sure we're going to be homeschooling our kids, and probably starting sooner than later. I'm not sure if we'll ever have a real classroom, and now when we're needing to downsize to move overseas in another 18 months is not the time to really collect anything for a classroom.

But they're pretty and fun, and I like the idea, so here's what I focused on.
  • Collected, rustic furniture that is indestructible during writing, coloring, painting projects.
  • Several work areas--a table, comfy chairs for reading, a big rug to encourage sprawling on the floor.
  • Lots of storage. File cabinets, cubbies, wall organizational systems.
  • Maps, globes and ABCs. I like the organic, collected look of these. I'd like them to be interactive.
  • Projects on display. Nothing gives kids ownership to a space like seeing their artwork on display!
  • Good lighting, windows, plants... All of these things encourage concentration.
So there you go! My classroom ideas in a nutshell. You better believe I'll keep you posted how the "real" classroom develops. It'll probably be the kitchen table and a stack of books, but hey, that's life sometimes! What about you? Do you homeschool? Do you have a nifty place for your kids to do their homework? Do you put their art on display? Any cool pieces of furniture that double as handy storage?

Hope you like the new look of my blog! If you're in Reader, it might be fun to hop over and see the new look here at Beauty4Ashes. The bright colors were fun, but stuff loaded slowly, wouldn't stay centered and this is just more pleasant for me, so I hope it works for you!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I really love the new look to your blog, Ellie- It looks great- xo Diana

  2. Congrats on the redo. I like the new look, but feel like I'm missing a bit of 'you.' You're more colorful, fresh, and cheery than your staid top section is now...I think I want some of your favorite green. ;-) Sorry if the 'how do you like it' was meant to be rhetorical and I'm giving you unsolicited advice. :-D

    I do love the strip of pics at the top that are also links to previous posts. Those really brighten things up, as well as serving a purpose. Great addition!



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