Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cost Plus | World Market

Since we first met over 10 years ago, Cost Plus | World Market and I have been like _this_. Well, at least I have. I can't say that it's mutual; World Market doesn't know I exist. But I've wandered the aisles, squandered hours and paychecks and even have a few relics (currently in storage) as proof of my love. 

Sadly, there wasn't a World Market close to where we lived in Iowa, and I didn't have much cash on hand during our time in California when Gary was in school. But I got a gift card for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and took the opportunity to go to World Market while I was visiting my nephew last week. Oh, and his parents. 

I couldn't help but take some awful cell phone pictures while I was there. I wanted to buy the whole store but ended up with a few trinkets for myself and souvenirs for Gary and the boys. 

Here's what else caught my eye.
-Industrial shelving with metal storage cubbies? Yes please!
-A side table in the perfect shade of gray-blue.
-A step ladder with a rustic flair. I can see this one in a library.

-I wanted to make one of these bulletin boards with a thrift store frame and pretty wrapping paper.
-This chair could make a living room. Or bedroom. Especially with that blue side table we just saw. Love the accent pillow too!
-This stenciled gray chest was Lisa's favorite. I think it would be great in an entry with a mirror, a lamp and a tray for keys.
-I adored these little shelves made to look like crates! Imagine them as bedside tables! Yum! (They were on rollers too!)

 -This leather chesterfield style chair wasn't very wide or tall, perfect for a small living room. Place it in front of a window and you wouldn't lose any light!
-Another cute display board. Seriously, I need to make one of these.
-Anyone into bird cages? This one would be pretty with an ivy inside, and it's narrow enough to fit on many a mantle.
-Love these pretty blue knobs! Great way to personalize a boring dresser or bathroom vanity.

 -The kitchen section has always made me drool. So much cute stuff, like this blue jug with a bird on top. Think sun tea in the summer, lemonade at a birthday party.
-Jugs and jars and bottles, oh my!
-These cute canisters were for compost. We've composted for years but have always used ugly white plastic buckets under the sink. I'd love to have a cute compost bin, but not sure it's practical as it would be full after one meal!
-I'm not sure if these are giant mugs or mixing bowls or what, but they were huge! Probably 12 inches across! Super cute for the morning pancakes.
-I should have gotten an egg crate while I had the chance! Did you know eggs will keep for over a week at room temperature? If they're farm fresh, they'll last several weeks without refrigeration. I'd love to display eggs on the counter in a cute dish like this.
-Super dark pictures, but that's a bottle drying rack, I believe. I'd love to hang a cute collection of mugs on this and keep it on the counter.

-This velvet dining bench is awesome! It's the perfect cross between a bench and a wingback, both of which I like pulled up to a rustic farm style table.
-Speaking of rustic farm style tables, love this one!
-And this steel side table?! Yum! I see stacks of dishes on the shelves with the mesh doors, baskets of linens on the open shelf, and two lamps framing a mirror on top. Perfect for a dining area next to that rustic farm style table and velvet covered dining bench!
-I love the look of round pedestal tables. I think they are great for small spaces, and this one was great with the metal top!
-World Market has the best price on these Tolix-looking chairs!
-This stool was metal on the bottom with a wood top. I'm sure I could find a place for it in my house!

-I've seen these trolly-style coffee tables all over blogland and love the look. You certainly wouldn't have to worry about your kids marking it up with their crayons and toy cars! (The $999.99 sign was for the sectional, not the table!)
-Oh globes, how I love you. If you can't find old ones at thrift stores, World Market can help you!
-Who doesn't love colorful knobs? They look even better by the drawer-full.
-I tried so hard to take some of these colorful scarves home with me, but none of the colors were right in person. The blues were too green and the greens were too yellow... I know, I'm difficult!
Funny how I didn't get a picture of anything I did buy. I got some tea and a pretty manly-scented soap for Gary with a wooden soap tray. For the boys I got a magnetic cars and airplanes toy for church, as well as a harmonica, kazoo and a yo-yo. For me I got  a cute green mortar and pestle which I can't find anywhere on the site! Oh well!

Hope you enjoyed our virtual shopping trip to Cost Plus | World Market! Have you been there lately? What did you get, or what did you want to get?

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  1. What, you didn't get your boys the kazoo and harmonica for church? I can't imagine why not. :)

    One of my favorite things at World Market is their Sparkling Peach Juice. I don't drink (alcohol) so I never really went through their wine section until a friend got me a bottle of that sparkling juice. I can't go into the store with out buying at least a couple bottles.



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